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Blake Baldwin Memorial Skatepark

Blake Baldwin Memorial Skatepark

  • Author: Bibbster
  • Date Posted: Feb 16, 2014
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 Date of Visit: December, 2013

Crew: Erik Deringer, Terry Matthews, Mitch Ledbetter, Rob Robinson, Justin Garrett, Ely Saavedra, Scott Sullivan, Trevor Vaughn

This was one of the first public parks in the Greater OKCMetro Area. I don’t remember exactly when it was built, maybe around 2000?

I’m grateful for all public skateparks, especially all public skateparks in Oklahoma, but this park is not very good. It’s about half a notch up from the plastic port-a-parks you see all over now. And I only say that because the ramps are metal. The layout is very basic and it has decent flow but the ramps are much too close together and the concrete pad the park is on is much too small. You should never have to run through grass and jump on your board to get speed for an obstacle.

On a positive note the mini-ramp is fun, 4ft on the low side and 7 on the high? Also, there is a small fun-box/manny-pad combo thing that was added as an expansion a few years after the park originally opened. That box is fun, but again not nearly enough run up to use it to it’s full potential.

There’s 2 reasons i wanted to cover this skatepark for the site:

  1. It was one of the first public skateparks in Oklahoma:
    This park has some historical and sentimental value to Oklahoma skateboarders who were around when it was first built.
  2. Erik Deringer, one of my favorite skateboarders, grew up skating here:
    Without kissing too much butt, Erik is one of the most talented skaters I’ve ever hung out with. I like to think that growing up skating this park with cramped obstacles and short run-up to everything has molded his skating for the better. Erik has quick feet and can often do 3 tricks in the amount of space most others can do 1. If that makes any sense.

So there you have it. Erik is currently living in San Jose, and last time he visited home (Norman) I asked him if he would be interested in skating the park again for the site. So that’s what we did, hooked up a decent crew and spent a couple hours there. The video here is from that day.

The City of Norman has a webpage for the park, including the park’s rules here.


The Facts

Cost: Free

Lights: No

Restrooms: Port-a-potties

Variety of terrain: 2 out of 5

Shade status: shade trees nearby, pavilion in the park area

Nearby food and drink: various stores and restaurants within a 1/4 mile

Worth going out of your way?: probably not

Blake Baldwin Memorial Skatepark, Norman, Oklahoma from Dan Bibb on Vimeo.

Skatepark panorama photo taken from the City of Norman’s webpage for the park.

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