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Dane Park – Noble

Dane Park – Noble

  • Author: Bibbster
  • Date Posted: Feb 8, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: 501 S 8th St, Noble Oklahoma

The Facts

Cost: Free

Lights: No

Restrooms: port-a-potties

Variety of terrain: trails with various ledges and rails, pole-jam of death, one quarter-pipe

Shade status: some small trees nearby

Nearby food and drink: standard small town fast food, 1-2 miles away

Worth going out of your way?: sure why not?











My long-time friend Brandon Sowards informed me of a new skatepark in Noble this week, so obviously we had to check it out. Brandon agreed to meet me there so I hollered at a few friends on short notice and we began our adventure.

Noble is 6 miles southeast of Norman, and about an hour from OKC depending on how fast you drive. The skatepark is located in Dane Park which also hosts a small “splash pad.” Dane Park itself is fairly new, based on the info I could find online it’s less than a year old.

Officially called Noble Skate Trail by whoever is official around those parts, it’s essentially two long sidewalks or “trails” with a slight downward slope. There are various obstacles along each trail and they are connected at the far end of the park by a long curved quarter. While slightly different than your average skatepark, I’m all for ANY type of skatepark in Oklahoma.

The street obstacles consist of a few grind rails, all flat and fairly wide. There are handrails down a 3 stair and a 6 stair, and there are two boxes of differing heights. Add an insane shoulder-high pole jam, a rainbow grinder, and a curved 3-ft quarter with square coping that goes to vert, and you’ve got the Noble Skate Trails.

It’s a pretty fun place to skate. The metal grinds really good, the layout pushes you to put lines together, and the quarter pipe is tough. Considering it’s 3 or 4 feet tall and basically goes to vert, it’s very challenging and can take a bit to get it dialed.

The trails themselves are a little too narrow, and they put the obstacles in the center of the path, which leads to some awkward maneuvering. It would have been much better to have obstacles on the sides of the path, but whatever. All in all it’s pretty fun.

Will I visit this park often? No.

Would I skate here everyday if it was by my house. Yes.

Go check it out and make sure you take a broom. It’s duck shit season.



  1. Duuuuude I designed this park. My designs were a little diff no pole jam of death and the transition I told them is completely diff than what they did but those are still my objects and spots. What did you think?

    • That’s awesome Tyler! Yeah I like the park, and I even like the pole jam of death! The transition on the quarter is super steep but I like that too. Really just wish the sidewalks were wider honestly.

      Thanks for contributing to Oklahoma Skateparks sir!nn1

    • This could not polibssy have been more helpful!

  2. Excellent. How long has noble had this? Pretty interesting place.

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