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Mathis Brothers Skatepark

Mathis Brothers Skatepark


  • Author: Bibbster
  • Date Posted: Jun 24, 2013
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  • Address: Edmond, OK 73003, USA
 Date of Visit: June, 2013

Crew: Bibbster, T-Bird, Rob, Mitch, Ely, JG

Mathis Brothers Skatepark. Mitch Park. Edmond Park. Call it what you will, the Mathis Brothers skatepark, located in Mitch Park in Edmond, Oklahoma is the Metro area’s oldest cement skatepark.


The park was built in late 2001/early 2002 and was built by Brawner Construction Co., a company who previously had never built a skatepark. While that was a concern at the time the park turned out great and remains in my opinion the best park in the Metro.

Edmond is technically it’s own city but is basically a suburb of Oklahoma City so you could lump Mathis Brothers park into the group of OKC parks. It is located about 15 miles north of Oklahoma City on the outer edge of Mitch Park, near Cheyenne Middle School. The park is around 17,000 sq ft and features a full street course and a large bowl system. The street course has a box, two pyramids, a ski-jump type thing (Caswell Berry epically ollied from the bank into the quarter many years ago, one of the best things I’ve ever seen there in person), a few different size hips and a long quarter pipe running the length of the park on the north end. The east side of the park hosts the bowls which are great for beginner and intermediate cruising due to the large flat-bottoms. There is a spine between the 5 foot and 7 foot bowl and the deep bowl is around 8-9 feet and nearly vert. Around the top of the bowls are 2 flat bars, a curved ledge and a nice flat-ground peninsula-type area, perfect for games of S.K.A.T.E or just generally dorking around.

Park View

A few reasons this park is the best one in the Metro:

  • Flow. This park has a wonderful flow, you can skate the whole place for as long as your legs will permit.
  • The atmosphere. The park is surrounded by grass and trees, with a jogging trail running by it. The only fencing that is there is presumably to keep spectators from falling into the bowls, but it is minimal and not too distracting.
  • The lights. The park is lit up well at night. While they used to be on until 11 p.m. they recently started turning the lights out at 9 due to too many cases of mongoloid high-school dude-bros and gangster wanna-be’s hanging out and engaging in everything BUT skateboarding.
  • Seniority. As I said, the park has been around the longest so we’ve been skating it the longest. Something about just makes it more fun.


You generally won’t find too much sketchy stuff going down here, although some of the locals are pretty goofy. Maybe it’s something in the Edmond water. As far as amenities, there is a Walgreens and an Uptown Grocery across from the entrance to the park, the latter has an expansive deli and hot food bar with lots of delicious goods.

If you’re ever in Oklahoma City or Edmond, you should certainly skate this park. Great flow, relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of grass and trees make for a good time.



The Facts

Cost: Free

Lights: Yes until 9 p.m.

Restrooms: Port-a-potties

Variety of terrain: great variety of street and transition, excellent flow

Shade status: shade trees nearby

Nearby food and drink: Walgreens and a Grocery Store within walking distance

Worth going out of your way?: definitely!

edit: I lost a copyright dispute with AMG due to the Allman Brothers song I used, so I’ve included the video with no music. If I get a chance I might re-edit to a different song. But probably I won’t.


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