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Owasso Skatepark

Owasso Skatepark


  • Author: Bibbster
  • Date Posted: Jun 15, 2013
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  • Address: 500 S main street, owasso ok, 74055
 Date of Visit: June 8, 2013

Crew: Bibbster, T-Bird, Rob, Mitch, Ely, JG, Flave, Drewski

Owasso is a small city northeast of Tulsa that has a total area of 10 square miles and a population of around 28,000. Despite the small size and light population, Owasso is home to a great skatepark.

The Owasso skatepark was originally a 7,000 sq ft. pre-fab park built in 2003 and was hardly a destination.

Owasso's park before it's 2012 renovation. Photo courtesy of

Owasso’s park before it’s 2012 renovation.
Photo courtesy of


In 2012 Owasso decided to take a different direction with their park and give it a major facelift. Instead of adding more pre-fab junk they decided to work with Native Skateparks and transform the facility to an all-concrete, 27,000 sq. ft. park with a wide variety of obstacles. It was a $200,000 project and from what I can tell it was well worth it.

Street course area of park currently. Much better! Photo courtesy of T-Bird.

Street course area of park currently. Much better!
Photo courtesy of T-Bird.

The park has a nice variety of street obstacles, handrails, hubbas, boxes and a wedge gap. There is a fun, crooked, quarter-pipe pyramid thing and a tall, long, flat bar as well. Plenty of flat ground means lots of pushing so be prepared. Some really fun transition obstacles were built on the north and east sides of the original slab with a mini snake run and a couple small ski-jump type obstacles. There is a large mellow bowl that is around 4 feet deep with a nice hip and on the southeast corner of the park a deeper bowl with a round side and a square side. (Pardon my lack of proper bowl terms, salty dogs.)

It’s location lends to a nice quiet atmosphere without annoying cars, trains, random citizens, sirens, etc. There is a small building at the south end of the park that has a water fountain and I believe there are restrooms but I honestly didn’t check.

I don’t have too much else to say about this park other than it is fun and definitely worth a trip. Owasso is close enough to Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Sand Springs to make this whole area a good destination for Oklahoma skateboarding. If you’re ambitious you can hit 5 parks in one day.

We covered Sand Springs the same day before we came to Owasso so everyone was a little spent. We definitely could have  gotten more coverage but hopefully the footage will give you a good idea of what’s possible here. Check it out and enjoy!

Owasso park info and specifications courtesy of

The Facts

Cost: Free

Lights: No

Restrooms: I think so

Variety of terrain: great variety of street and transition, lots of flat ground

Shade status: hide next to a quarter pipe

Nearby food and drink: couple convenience stores within a mile or two

Worth going out of your way?: definitely!


  1. Hell yeah Dan, owasso is super fun. My mom lives about 5 minutes away from there now. I dont make it back home as much as I would like but when I do ill be going to that park for sure.

  2. Do you know how many square feet?

    • 26,300

  3. Besides the fact lighting has been “just around the corner” for 4 years, and project after project have been put before it, it’s a fantastic park. Native Skateparks knows their business, how to work with and treat people, and they do it because they love people. Especially healthy kids out on boards and bikes, away from video games for a bit. The City of Owasso made one of the best decisions ever when they built, and later upgraded the park to 26,300 sq. feet of all concrete. Bathrooms on site, concessions coming in the Summer of 2017 very possibly.

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