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Sand Springs Skatepark

Sand Springs Skatepark

Sand Springs

  • Author: Bibbster
  • Date Posted: Jun 12, 2013
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  • Address: 1050 W Wekiwa rd, sand springs, ok 74063
 Date of Visit: June 8, 2013

Crew: Bibbster, T-Bird, Rob, Mitch, Ely, JG, Flave, Drewski

Didn't get a picture of the "Rules" sign, so this'll have to do.

Didn’t get a picture of the “Rules” sign, so this’ll have to do.

Sand Springs is a small town just West of Tulsa. Behind the Case Community Center sits a skatepark built by Native Skateparks. The cool thing about this park is that is was built over an existing drainage ditch, and the surrounding geography was altered minimally because of this.

“Sand Springs skatepark was designed specifically to fit within an existing storm water detention area and remain functional as a trickle channel. This design was a smart solution to this sites limitations and serves as a dual pupose to the city.” –

The park is around 7,000 square feet and features a large center area with banks, quarters, bumps, and humps. Up on the deck area of each side are some smaller obstacles, a couple of ledges, a flat bar, some small quarterpipes and a pretty-decent 6 stair hubba.

I find the park to be fun enough to hold my interest and also pretty challenging in some areas. The banks on either side are nice and steep and can provide enough speed to do most anything you want to. The quarter-pipes are well built and there’s a couple opportunities for transfers. Up top on the East side is the hubba ledge, a small rainbow rail you can grind over and a small tight quarter. On the West side is a long low ledge, a flat bar that’s peaked in the center and some tight trannies at each corner. While you can flow around somewhat decently, you’re kind of limited to two different paces: one for the top, deck areas and one for the middle part of the park.

Drew with a frontside wallride on the tombstone

Drew with a frontside wallride on the tombstone

The landscaping is nicely done and at the north end of the park some stones have been set up as kind of a seating area. It’s set far enough away from the road that it’s nice and quiet and there is a park trail that leads to other areas of the park. The only shade nearby is a large old tree but this should provide some decent coverage during most parts of the day.

Overall the design is fun and visually appealing and apparently the Oklahoma Recreation and Parks Society thought so too as Sand Springs received their Award of Excellence for New Recreational Facilities in 2011.

I would definitely recommend hopping off the highway to skate this park at least once. This part of Oklahoma is a great destination for skateparks as Tulsa, Sand Springs, Owasso, and Broken Arrow all have parks in the area. We will be covering all of them so stay tuned!

The Facts

Cost: Free

Lights: No

Restrooms: not sure

Variety of terrain: mostly transition, a couple ledges and rails

Shade status: big ol’ shade tree nearby

Nearby food and drink: plenty of options a 1/4 mile to the East

Worth going out of your way?: worth at least one visit for sure

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This is from a previous trip

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