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Skatepark off Broadway

Skatepark off Broadway

  • Author: Bibbster
  • Date Posted: Aug 30, 2014
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  • Address: 105 Reynolds ave, poteau, ok
 Date of Visit: August 2, 2014

Crew: Bibb, T-Bird, Mitch, Ely, Isaac, Jimmy, Horn


Chalk up another win for Native Skateparks, this time in Poteau, OK. Poteau is about as far east as you can go without entering Arkansas, and surprisingly there’s two good parks within 20 miles of each other, the second being Heavener. Due to their proximity I wanted hit up both on the same day. Obviously the right way to do this was to turn it into a camping trip. Camp was set up at Lake Wister, on the tip of “Quarry Island.” We camped Friday night, skated Saturday, camped Saturday night, and drove back Sunday.

Let’s get on to the point of the story, the Poteau park. Native wrote it up nicely, so we’ll just go with that:

The skatepark off Broadway in Poteau, OK is approx. 11,000 square foot skatepark was designed to host a super fun and fast intermediate style bowl and offers some distinctive street features that should allow for some technical options while still having a good overall flow. This park is designed and built by Native Skateparks and was a 2011 grant recipiant from the great folks at the Tony Hawk Foundation.  Our Crew worked through record heat to bring this little gem to south eastern Oklahoma in 65 days.

Their words are truth, the park has lots of variety packed into it’s compact design. The long mellow quarter and bank-to-curb are my favorites, the flat bar is perfect, and every edge is metal. You can easily get creative and gap to grind anywhere. I say this about a lot of parks, but if it was in my neighborhood my life would be complete.

It can’t all be positive, so on the negative side of things, there is no shade nearby and I didn’t see a drinking fountain. Oklahoma gets hot in the summer, and it was 90-100 degrees while we were there. While planning for any outdoor concrete park, enough budget should be set aside for at least a small covered area. The lack of shade actually caused us to leave the park earlier than we wanted to. It was just too hot. Also, the “handrail” is pretty small, so if you’re looking to become the next Jimmy Thomas you may be disappointed. Learn back D’s on the extension instead.

Aside from the previous paragraph, the park is bad-ass. I wish I could go there every day. I hope more kids in the surrounding area take up skateboarding and enjoy Native’s creation. You can read more and view pics of the park here.


The Facts

Cost: Free

Lights: No

Restrooms: No

Variety of terrain: Small to medium street, small to medium transition, 6-ft bowl

Shade status: None. Escape death under the bleachers.

Nearby food and drink: Convenience stores and fast food, liquor store within walking distance

Worth going out of your way?: Indeed



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