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Welcome to OK Skateparks!

I started this website for two reasons.

  1. Information: I want to provide high-quality video footage of Oklahoma skateparks to anyone who is interested.
  2. Inspiration: I want to inspire people to skate more, to get out there and explore, to find all the awesome, or terrible, or strange skateparks that there are in Oklahoma.

The premise is this:

Myself and a small group of friends travel to a park, film for a couple hours, get what we can, and get out. The crew consists mostly of the people I actually skate with on a regular basis, some of them life-long friends.

I am launching the site with only 2 parks completed: El Reno’s Route 66 Park and OKC’s South Lakes Plaza. As we complete each park I will add a pin to the map and update the site as necessary.

I hope you enjoy this project.

-Dan Bibb